Balloons Shine


For Latex Balloons

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Balloons Shine. Let’s party nyc, a leader in event services, theme parties and personalized scenography, has developed its new product for latex balloons, since latex is a material that, when inflated, suffers from an oxidation process, is affected by the environment, taking away its shine and durability. , in our company and its development area in search of solving these types of problems that arise both for party and event companies and for anyone who wants their balloons to last longer, and look like a magazine, we introduce BALLOON SHINE a product that we ourselves have developed and tested in our decorations, managing to find the exact balance so that this product fulfills the function we want without the need to use a polishing cloth, it is applied with a spray bottle on the balloons and as soon as the latex balloons dry obtains a unique shine giving greater durability to the elements, our product is made based on water and biodegradable which is safe to use in any location without affecting people or the environment.

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