• LETS PARTY NEW YORK Additional Fees

Additional charges will apply for difficult access (no elevator, only flights of stairs).
If drivers arrive at the event during the time requested written in the contract and are unable to obtain the LETS PARTY NEW YORK property, the customer must pay an additional fee of $150 for next day pick up, unless otherwise agreed.
*Please note: prices are for daily rentals only. The cut-off time is at 2 a.m. m. An additional charge will apply for the day before delivery offered after 5:00 p.m.
Pickup is offered the next day before 12:00.

  • Liability of LETS PARTY NEW YORK

LETS PARTY NEW YORK will continue to work hard and provide excellent customer service.
LETS PARTY NEW YORK will provide quality accessory rentals on the best terms. We try to have the best quality accessories available, but due to wear and tear over time, you may request photos of the accessories prior to payment.

  • Customer Responsibility
Customer will provide venue access at least 3 hours prior to event start time and at least 2 hours for pick up after event end to allow LETS PARTY NEW YORK to set up and remove fixture rentals and decorations.
The access must include the parking of vehicles near the entrance of the enclosure.
Any event that is rescheduled due to unforeseen weather conditions will receive full credit towards a future order Please give more than 1 week’s notice when rescheduling your date.
Customer will provide adequate electrical power to meet the needs of any rental equipment or fixtures.

  • Rental of accessories and decoration

All accessories, furniture and decorations provided by LETS PARTY NEW YORK are daily rentals for the agreed time, and will be removed by LETS PARTY NEW YORK at the end of the event, unless otherwise agreed.

  • Changes in the order
The customer can add items to the order, subject to the same terms. The client acknowledges that canceling 1 week before the event date will forfeit their deposit.
Cancellation more than 1 week after the event date is subject to store credit and will remain on file for a full 6 calendar months from the original order.

  • Responsibility

For all rentals, a security deposit is required, which will be given the same day of the event, and will be returned if the items are in the conditions they were left.
The client is responsible for the safety and reliability of the event venue and its furnishings. Client is also responsible for any injury, loss or damage to LETS PARTY NEW YORK employees or equipment resulting from the conduct of event attendees and non-LETS PARTY NEW YORK personnel.

  • Payments and security deposit
A deposit based on the full rental amount is required to secure your event date, unless otherwise agreed. If customer cancels order more than 1 week after confirmation, LETS PARTY NEW YORK will retain deposit and customer will be subject to store credit and kept on file for 6 full calendar months from original order.

  • Damages and losses

In the event that equipment provided by LETS PARTY NEW YORK is damaged or lost due to the actions of event attendees or personnel not employed by LETS PARTY NEW YORK, Customer agrees to pay for all repairs or replacement up to the value total of lost or damaged items. , Includes sending.
Please note that any damage to accessories will result in loss/damage fees being charged.
LETS PARTY NEW YORK can’t control the weather. This damage includes, but; not limited to the following:
Damage caused by: Wind / Water / Extreme heat or cold
· Damage due to moving props that must remain stationary
Damage or loss will be assessed as soon as possible after the end of the event. All visible damage will be photographed on site whenever possible.

LETS PARTY NEW YORK will provide a documented loss/damage report with costs included within 3 days of the event. The customer must pay for the damage or loss upon receipt of the report from LETS PARTY NEW YORK.
LETS PARTY NEW YORK has the right to refuse business to anyone.

  • Privacy Disclosure Notice

Any information collected from our users will not be sold, shared, or rented to others other than those described in this privacy statement.

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